Coaches & Judges

Coaches & Judges

Dan Romescu

Gestalter @ Augmented Citizen Foundation

Stefan Karschti

Software Architect @ Telenav

Pascal von Rickenbach

VP Engineering at GetYourGuide AG

Marius Mornea

Software engineer / Epistemio, UTCN, TSM

Cristiano Betta

Senior Developer Advocate @ Braintree, Event organiser @ Geeks of London

Istvan Hoka

CTO at Blinksale

Steffen Heringhaus

Head of Performance Marketing @ eJobs Romania

Ákos Bálint

Product & Offering Development at Accenture Industrial Software Solutions Romania

Mihnea Stere

Business Development Director at Intact Media Group

Radu Rosu

Founder and CEO Eloquentix

Mircea Vadan

Investment Manager at Seed For Tech

Stas Suscov

Tech Guy at iMedicare

Tudor Stanean

iOS Software Engineer at 3Pillar Global

Daniel Rizea

Software Product and Engineering Manager at Vector Watch

Tudor Tiplea

Product Manager at Garmin International

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