Horea Gruita

Horea Gruita

Head of Design

Horea is a graphic and web development specialist with a great experience in marketing field, both online and offline.

During the latest 10 years, Horea had the opportunity to be part of the marketing teams of some of the biggest multinational companies operating in Romania, as Vodafone and Sony Ericsson. Always passionate about technology and innovation, Horea also worked during this years as a freelancer web designer, creating hundreds of websites, logos and marketing materials for companies around the world.

In 2014, he started his own company – CREATIX MEDIA (www.creatixmedia.ro), a graphic and web agency operating in 3 main business areas: Graphic design, Web development and Online marketing.

iMedicare is a start-up based in Cluj and New York City and we admire entrepreneurial initiatives in Romania.