An Interview With Cristiano Betta, Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree

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July 4, 2015
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July 5, 2015
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An Interview With Cristiano Betta, Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree

You’d have a really hard time finding someone who’s never heard about Braintree. Not only are they a Silver Partner of this year’s Techsylvania, where their Senior Developer Advocate will come as a speaker, but they also developed a highly efficient mobile payment system. What started out as a small tech startup quickly flourished into something great, something that got the attention of big companies like PayPal. It’s not the idea of developing mobile-friendly payments that ensured this small business’s success, since others were also working on it at the time, but the amount of time it took them to reach their goal.

According to their Senior Developer Advocate, Braintree implemented their solutions in a very short time frame. This is the main reason a company like PayPal took a great interest in them. They liked them so much they actually paid $800,000,000 to purchase the company.

What other things make Braintree so great?

Of course, it wasn’t just the time period it took them to develop their ideas that made Braintree so great. The platform itself is extremely efficient, boasting numerous useful features:

  • The platform is available in 45 countries and offers efficient mobile payment solution in 130 different currencies. You’ll be able to make use of it no matter where you are.
  • The whole registration process is quick and efficient, something all business owners definitely like. The platform allows you to start receiving payments immediately.
  • These mobile payment solution are as safe as they come. Braintree does a great job of keeping track of customer data and purchase behavior in order to spot frauds as soon as possible.
  • The customer support is flawless. Not only is it real time, meaning they’ll answer whenever you call, but it’s also extremely efficient and helpful. Their customer representatives are professionals who know how to handle any situation.

Having a Chat with Braintree’s Senior Developer Advocate, Cristiano Betta

Having a degree in Computer Science from the Delft University of Technology, Cristiano spend most of his career developing and coding various useful applications. Over the years, he occupied the position of Developer Advocate at both PayPal and Braintree, eventually becoming the Senior Developer Advocate of the latter.

Cristiano Betta, Senior Developer Advocate at Braintree

We considered it would be best to ask him a couple of questions about the company and about what you can expect to witness at the conference:

Please tell us more about Braintree_Dev

As the Braintree_PayPal developer and startup relations team, Braintree_dev works directly in the field to educate and support the community about the Braintree and PayPal APIs and SDKs. With unique programs including BattleHack, Startup Blueprint and Start Tank, Braintree_dev engages with the community to mentor, support and enable seamless commerce experiences through easy integrations around the globe.

Why did you choose to support Techsylvania and what made you decide to get involved in this region?

As Braintree_PayPal we have been involved in the region for a few years already. The entire region is developing at such a rapid pace which makes it an exceptionally interesting area for us. This is our first time in Cluj and we’re excited to meet you all!

What can the conference attendees expect from your talk?

Every year Braintree runs a hackathon to find the best hackers in the world: BattleHack. We see a lot of different languages come by but the one we use on our team very actively is Rails. This talk is a little love story about Rails, the history of hackathons, and more.

Come meet him at this year’s Techsylvania

If you are interested in hearing what the Senior Developer Advocate of Braintree has to say about coding and hackathons, then don’t waste anymore time and get your ticket today. You’ll also get to hear other great speakers talk about different challenges tech startups face. Better hurry though, cause the tickets are in high demand.

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