Andrei Dunca, “Man of the Year” is coming to Techsylvania

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July 6, 2015
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Andrei Dunca, “Man of the Year” is coming to Techsylvania

Is it March already? Our calendar says so. This means that there are 3 months left until Techsylvania. The clock is ticking, and as you've probably seen on our website, the list of speakers is increasing every day.

There is an important person from Cluj-Napoca who sold a company to Facebook for about 500 Million USD. And this will be the first time since the acquisition that he actually speaks to an audience about this amazing local success story.

We are now proud to announce that you can personally meet this amazing young person, Andrei Dunca, Co-Founder of LiveRail (the startup that got sold to Facebook), for he is now confirmed for Techsylvania 2015.

That's why Techsylvania will be the go to event this year. Come and find out how businesses that start in Cluj-Napoca can actually make it on a global level.

Introducing Andrei Dunca and LiveRail


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Andrei Dunca is the co-founder of LiveRail and Trilulilu. If you're from Romania, then you probably know that Trilulilu is the biggest Romanian online community, where people can upload videos, images, and music.

Aside from being one of the co-founders of Trilulilu, Andrei is most known for LiveRail.

LiveRail is a monetization platform for video publishers, that was founded by Andrei Dunca and Sergiu Biriș, who are both from Cluj-Napoca.

In July 2014, Facebook announced that it has acquired LiveRail. Can you believe that? This is the biggest local success story. Even though Facebook did not make any comments on the terms of the acquisition, some sources say that they paid somewhere around $400-$500 million dollars.

The story of LiveRail

The initial product development of LiveRail began in 2007, and the concept of the product revolved around the idea of “self-service advertising exchange”. At first, they didn't make any money out of it. They knew they had to change their approach.

The success of LiveRail came in 2008, and in June they received the first seed funding. By now, they managed to raise $12 million dollars in four funding rounds.

Even though they faced some challenges in the beginning, LiveRail's advantage was that their technology and their product were always solid.

Sony Pictures, CBS, Zynga, or Electronics Arts are just some of LiveRail's clients. In June 2013, the company was on the second place in a top which included video advertising providers from the USA.

At the time when Facebook acquired LiveRail, the company had offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris and Cluj-Napoca, and 170 employees.

Andrei Dunca, “Man of the year” 2014

The Romanian magazine “Business Magazin” has given Andrei the title of “Man of the year” in 2014. There are several reasons for this award. Andrei is young, he is an entrepreneur, he's determined, and he also managed to develop a great product which is strongly appreciated on the international market.

Andrei Dunca is only 30 years old, and he has an inspiring young mind. This is why we believe he is a perfect fit as a speaker for the conference, and also because he's the biggest local success story.

Come meet Andrei!

We're so thrilled to have Andrei as one of the speakers for this year's edition of Techsylvania.

LiveRail is the first Romanian company Facebook has bought (so far). Meeting Andrei will be a huge opportunity for everybody to find out what it takes to build a successful company. Now, he's coming to Cluj-Napoca, and since he's living in San Francisco, it's basically your only chance to meet him in person, and ask him everything you want to know.

We still have early bird tickets, both for Builder and VIP category. So hurry up, and buy them today! Don't miss the chance to meet Andrei Dunca, Man of the Year 2014.  

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