Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly, Gives Startups Useful Insight

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July 7, 2015
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Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly, Gives Startups Useful Insight

florin muresan

With this year’s edition of Techsylvania getting closer and closer, it’s time to take a look at another interview we performed with one of our Silver Partners, namely Squirrly. They specialize in providing content marketing and content creation services to startups and large businesses alike.

This is a pretty big deal, especially in this day and age where quality content is a must if a business wants to prosper and draw in more customers.

Squirrly will meet all you content writing needs.

So, before we get to the interview section of this article, let’s talk a bit about the type of content writing services Squirrly provides, since there still might be people out there who are not very familiar with this concept. In short, this is how content creation can positively affect your business:

It will improve the search engine ranking of your businesses’s website

This is one of the reasons why you don’t only need quality content, but proper keyword research as well. Don’t forget that Google changed its algorithms quite often, ensuring only the pages that post relevant, optimized content on a regular basis will receive a high ranking. Consequently, this dictates how much traffic your page will get.

It gives your business personality

This is what content creation companies like Squirrly do. They basically give your business a voice to which customers will be more than happy to listen, as long as it’s done right. Keep in mind that, in order to turn visitors into potential clients, you need to provide quality, informative content to give them motivation.

You’ll be able to bring in unique visitors from Social Media

Squirrly are the only ones who either teach you how to bring customers from social media, or they help you get them through powerful marketing. Usually content creation companies offer just written words, but Squirrly manages to actually offer new customers.

Basically, this is how content creation services can help out your business. Of course, there are far more benefits to be discussed, but it’s time to get to the interview section of our article.

Florin Muresan, the CEO of Squirrly, shares his thoughts on startups and Techsylvania

Besides being the CEO of a successful content marketing business, Florin also appeared as both mentor and speaker at various startup events. He’s also a reliable content marketing teacher, a seasoned growth hacker and a customer development expert.

Florin Muresan, CEO of Squirrly

We recently interviewed him about his business and his thoughts on the local startup ecosystem. Check out his answers:

1. What types of services does Squirrly offer?

Squirrly is the only Content Services provider that brings Customers for your business, by creating blog content and bringing targeted unique visitors to those articles. We’re different from every other content provider out there, because we get paid for bringing real results, not for writing some words.

2. This is your second startup. What is different between now and when you started your first company?

Yes, it is. Well, everything is different. Having 11 people on board instead of just 2 who were working part-time is a pretty big difference. We already have 3 successful products on the market with Squirrly, while the first startup didn’t manage to successfully launch even 1 single product. But that first experience is the one that helped us build the most popular content marketing tool available on WordPress.

3. What advice would you give to local entrepreneurs?

My best advice is: Attend events organized by the Techsylvania team. They’re usually of great value to new entrepreneurs. Next, go to Spherik and learn what it really means to build a startup. Connect with people, learn and know that no matter what you do: you will never be right about everything. Test, experiment, look at valid data. If you want investments ask local entrepreneurs. Many Cluj Startups (clujstartups.com) have been funded. Ask them why and how to speed up your learning process. If they don’t reply, follow up. Oh yes, and always hustle. You’ll get nothing! Nothing at all, if you do not make things happen.

Come to this year’s edition of Techsylvania for even more startup-related advice

If you liked the insight Florin shared with us, then you’re going to love hearing various other business owners speaking on this subject, telling you about what hardships they endured and how they overcame them to achieve success. Don’t waste any more time and grab your ticket for this year’s Techsylvania event.


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