Interviewing Flaviu Simihaian, the CEO of iMedicare

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July 19, 2015
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Interviewing Flaviu Simihaian, the CEO of iMedicare

iMedicare is one of our Gold Partners for this year's edition of Techsylvania.

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We thought that, in order to better know our amazing partners, it would be a good idea to do short interviews with the CEOs of the companies that support us.

We will begin this series with the CEO of iMedicare, Flaviu Simihaian.

But first, let me briefly introduce his company.

What iMedicare does and who it's for


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It's a software that is targeted towards pharmacists. It helps them keep track of their Medicare patients and helps them learn more about their behavior.

This is what iMedicare can do:

  • Compares the Medicare plans of patients in just a matter of seconds.
  • Pharmacists are able to see what plans patients prefer.
  • It can potentially help increase patient reimbursements for the Part D plan by thousands of dollars.
  • The software sends pharmacists monthly reports, letting them know which patients are turning 65. Afterwards, they can contact them in order to present the best offer.
  • Based on the information each pharmacy has on their patients, they are able to provide them with the best options when it comes to medicine, especially prescription drugs.

Introducing Flaviu Simihaian

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Flaviu Simihaian is only 26 years old and he is the founder and CEO of iMedicare. He was born in Nasaud, Romania.

Flaviu has founded the company 3 years ago in the United States, where he's been living for 13 years. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in economics from Davidson College and a master’s degree in software design and engineering from the University of North Carolina.

Tennis brought him to the United States, but his ambition to start his own business made it possible for him to live there.

Here is the short interview we did with him.

1. Can you tell us what iMedicare does and what is your connection to Cluj?

iMedicare turns pharmacies into healthcare superheroes. With our software, pharmacies can attract more patients and improve their health. Half of our team is in Downtown New York City and the other half in Downtown Cluj. I grew up in Nasaud, Bistrita-Nasaud and spent a lot of time in Cluj.

2. What do you think is different in the mindset of an entrepreneur from New York versus one from Cluj?

A New York entrepreneur has more role models. He can walk outside and see tremendous success all around him, at a very large scale. He can go to the next meetup and see founders, investors and millionaires that have made it and are back at it, making it again, this time even bigger and better.

An entrepreneur in Cluj does not have this energy all around him, so he must compensate with imagination. The world is flat and geography should not dissuade an entrepreneur. Everything that happens to someone in New York can also happen to someone in Cluj. Moreover, the rent in Cluj is 20 to 40 times cheaper than in New York, so the costs of starting a company are much lower.

3. What advice would you give to first time entrepreneurs?

Stop reading this interview and get back to work. No advice or secret wisdom will help your startup more than hard work. All day, every day. I would just add to stay positive. No matter how much adversity you will face and however impossible your idea is, you need to stay positive and find a way to make it work.

Get your inspiration at Techsylvania

That is all we wanted to ask you Flaviu. If you want to find out more about his company, about what it's like to be an entrepreneur in New York City and what the secret behind building your own company is, then get your ticket to Techsylvania today.

See you there!

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