Interviewing Fortech, One of Our Gold Candidates This Year

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Interviewing Fortech, One of Our Gold Candidates This Year

Tech startups have been facing numerous difficulties in Romania for some time, but not any more. Fortech, a prominent software development company based in Cluj-Napoca has stated getting involved in the Romanian startup ecosystem over the past 2 years has been well worth it. Not only do they have vast experience offering reliable software development and QA services to reputable Western software companies, but they also kick-started Seed for Tech, a new initiative which is designed to help tech startups with seed funding, go-to-market support and product development.

Fortech is also one of the Gold Partners for this year’s edition of Techsylvania. This means you’ll get to enjoy reading an interview that will allow you to get to know them better. But before we get into that, take some time to see why most software companies choose to work with Fortech. After all, how can you be sure their services will be able to help your startup if you don’t know what they can offer their clients:

  • They provide collaboration models that are extremely flexible. This is what clients enjoy most about working with them.
  • The nearshoring (the transfer of business/IT processes to nearby countries) nature of their services lets clients save a lot of money when working with them. Moreover, it also allows Fortech to always give quality results.
  • Employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, thus ensuring no customer details ever go public. Privacy and security are no joking matter and this software company knows it.

This doesn’t mean that only large companies and investors take interest in them. If you are taking a part in this year’s Hackathon you might get some exposure and they might take an interest in your idea.


What does Fortech have to say about Techsylvania?

We’ve interviewed Fortech as part of our Gold Partners program. See how they answered and what you should expect when working with them:

1. Your company became quite involved in the startup ecosystem in the past two years. What made you decide to go in that direction?

Being involved in the startup ecosystem comes as a natural step in our progressive evolution. We envision Romania being a top destination not only for software outsourcing in the upcoming years, but also for tech products.

Speaking about the local startup ecosystem, we see many promising ideas and talented people, but the practical reality shows that because of the limited financial resources, technical expertise as well as lack of in-depth business know-how, many of these either remain at the idea level, or get stuck somewhere at the early stage.

Fortunately, many of the local IT players achieved a level of business maturity and experience that allow them to support such initiatives. Talking about Fortech, in particular, we have always aimed to extend our business activity beyond outsourcing and towards software product development. Since day one, we have progressively acquired expertise in software development, marketing and business management, brand positioning, cash flow management, which now gives us the possibility to advance in that direction.

Apart from that the experience we have accumulated through interaction with well-developed international markets in over 10 years of activity brought us valuable insights, which we are willing to activate in support of the local startup ecosystem development.

2. You recently announced Seed For Tech, which is a new initiative focused on making seed investments and offering tech, financial and marketing support to early stage companies or founders. What types of projects are you looking for and what should someone expect when they come to pitch their idea to you?

Through Seed For tech, we want to help good ideas and talented people reach the next level while contributing to the development of the regional ecosystem of startups and tech products.

We’re looking for business people or domain experts who have a business idea, a good market knowledge and are in search for a solid partner to develop the idea and the software product. We also want to see commitment from them in terms of building and leading the business.

Our focus is on tech product ideas, preferably in the B2B field, but we don’t exclude B2C products as well.

3. Fortech is one of the main partners of Techsylvania. Why have you chosen to support this initiative?

We have a tradition in supporting initiatives that focus on bringing together the IT community and enhancing learning in this field.

Techsylvania’s format focused on the quality of content and the line-up comprised of international speakers sets it apart from many other tech events and makes it a point of interest for our employees.

Moreover we have been impressed by the professionalism that defines our interaction with the organizing team and are glad to help take the initiative further.

Don’t miss This Year’s Techsylvania Event

If you want to learn more about Fortech or some of our other partners, check out our website and buy your tickets today. You’ll also get to hear plenty of other successful entrepreneurs speak about the adversities they viagra canada faced when starting out and how they overcame them.


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