Interviewing The CEO Of Eloquentix, The Talent Accelerator

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July 30, 2014
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July 2, 2015
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Interviewing The CEO Of Eloquentix, The Talent Accelerator

We are continuing our interviews with another Silver Partner for this year’s edition of Techsylvania, Eloquentix. Radu Roşu is the CEO and was kind enough to answer a few questions we had for him.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about his background. 

Learning to spend thriftily.

Radu emigrated with his family to the United States in 1986.  Emigration forces you to be resourceful. You may be doctor or a professor like Radu’s parents were, but when you get to the States, you start from zero.  All you have is you. Your education, your traditions, your ethics.  The smart thing to do in the new location is to learn the strengths it has and integrate them in your life.  The next step is taking what you have learned and spreading that knowledge in a sustainable, scalable manner.
Radu says, this is the seed of Eloquentix, he goes on:
Business growth occurs at intersections. It has always been that way. Think of Venice, it was at the cross roads of the east and west and grew from that.  Eloquentix is at the intersection between cultures: American and Romanian.  Both have strengths, both have weaknesses. Where I believe  that the nettle can be moved is in bringing the best of America – investment, trust, persistence, optimism, the belief in the good in people to Romania.  Success for me has always been about that. About growing the team so that we can provide that experience to as many Romanians as possible without them having to leave the country.


Now, let’s find out more about Eloquentix. Here is what we asked him.  

1. Please tell us more details about Eloquentix.

Founded in North Carolina in 2002, today Eloquentix is a group of passionate developers spread mostly around Romania. We focus on full stack development for startups and at the same time are fearless in bringing innovation to open minded teams in large enterprises. Our recent projects include applications that drive parts of the European energy grid as it moves over to renewable sources.

2. Your main focus is on the Scala. Why did you choose to focus on this and what opportunities do you see by using this technology?

We started working with Scala about 3 years ago as Java innovation was rather lackluster. We had a lot of projects in Java and were looking for more robust solutions to the problems we were encountering as startups in our portfolio were growing. Scala provided that. In addition, we predicted correctly that by moving to Scala we would be able to attract top talent. Recent adds to our team of consultants such as Sorin Chiprian, Emanuel Tincu and Andrei Rafai are a result of this.

3. We’ve noticed that you have offices in 9 locations across the US, France, Dubai and Romania. How big is your team and how do you overcome difficulties when working remotely?

We are now over 45 developers. The challenges of working remotely are persistent every single day. What has helped us overcome the difficulties are three things: One, the desire of many of our staff to work harder in order to preserve the option of working from where they please. Two, having independent teams that work on their own projects with the sweet spot are teams of 4-6 developers that work harmoniously together. And third, and this is the most important, having a very high concentration of what Eric Schmidt calls “smart creatives”.  You cannot do this if the people that you have on the team need babying and management.  If the do not “get it”. For those that do not, we let them know and encourage them to find an environment that suits them better.

Techsylvania Is Close

Finding out new stories about how CEOs started their own companies is always inspiring, and it can definitely have a huge impact on someone who is unsure on whether he should start or not his own business .
If you’re interested in finding out more about how to successfully handle remote teams and what it’s like to work and live in the US, then Techsylvania is the place for you to find answers to all of these questions, and many more.
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