Techsylvania 2015 hackathon winners

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July 14, 2015
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Techsylvania 2015 hackathon winners

It’s that time of the year again when we have to meet & greet; we at Techsylvania, after finishing the wonderful hackathon which brought to an end a number of 25 ideas, including the first Romanian apps on Apple Watch and the first ideas developed in an original manner on the new Romanian smartwatch, Vector.

Alongside with the latter mentioned, Vector, we can start nominating the special prizes winners.

Daniel Rizea, Vector’s representative at Techsylvania`s 2nd edition chose Shockwave as the winner of their special award. For a short recap, the team started their pitch from the basic idea that meeting people should be a seamless experience. Relying only on signatures, wearing a Vector smartwatch would be sufficient from now on to start automatically exchanging contact cards just based on hands shaking. The technology using the Vector API and a Droid app will start paring based on locations and intensity of hands shake. The only downside is that you will have to wear the watch on your right hand.

20150607_150430 (1)

Tudor Tiplea, Garmin’s representative awarded the Arobs team their special prize. Arobs presented an instant CPR solution on various wearable Droid powered devices connected to a Droid handheld device.

20150607_150333 (1)

Mircea, Seed for Tech Investment Manager chose Rift’s 3D command line solution as the most futuristic use of growing technologies, Oculus VR and Leap Motion.

20150607_150503 (1)

Cristiano Betta, Braintree’s representative, looks like he is a huge music fan. This may be just another reason why he chose !AFK Team as the winners of the special prize he awarded. !AFK used Leap Motion and built from scratch an UI which served as a 3D music deck for music enthusiasts.

20150607_150612 (1)

Now it was about time to cut the suspense and get into the top 3, best ideas of this year’s Techsylvania`s hackathon as viewed by our jury members.

3rd prize was as spectacular as it was delightful. Few minutes after getting off stage, !AFK team had to come back. They have been awarded with this recognition prize.


2nd prize didn’t follow in the footsteps of special prize winners. A new team had to come in and get the award for the second best idea at the hackathon. Race evolution created an app to track motor sports to provide live tracking info about all competitors.


Last but not least we had to deliver the 1st prize as well, the most prestigious idea acclaimed at the hackathon. Without any further ado, without further presentations, (spoiler alert – we did that above), Arobs team got all the praises.




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