Techsylvania Interview With Alin Mihai Laurentiu, Attorney At Law

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July 5, 2015
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Techsylvania Interview With Alin Mihai Laurentiu, Attorney At Law

While there will be plenty of interesting speakers coming to Techsylvania this year, it is also important to take some time to get to know our partners, the people who helped us make this event a reality. Following the tradition we have set forth with interviewing our partners, today you will get to see what insight one of our most renowned Silver Partners, Laurentiu, Laurentiu and Associates, has to offer.

Let’s get to know them first

LLA is a respectable full service law firm that has been around since 2007. They offer quality legal advice and services, their specialties being corporate, commercial, tax, labor, IT and other business related law areas.

Alin Mihai Laurentiu

The firm’s managing and founding partner, Alin Mihai Laurentiu, got both his Bachelor and Masters degrees from the Babes-Bolyai University, majoring in private law. He has also agreed to participate in our Techsylvania interview:

1. What does a full service law firm offer?

At one point, I asked the Summer school students to devise a PR campaign for a full service law firm.
One of the teams came up with an image in which the central character, with a business allure, was lying in a hammock on an idyllic beach, with a semi-unbuttoned shirt and his pants rolled up above his ankles. The headline on the poster was: Don’t forget the sun screen, we’ll protect you from everything else.

That is pretty much the role of a full service law firm. To inform correctly and completely, to anticipate legal risks involved in the client’s work and business and therefore to build a system of prevention and protection, to find effective legal solutions for the client’s plans, no matter how challenging they might be.

A lawyer must be specialized, which is an indispensable condition of professionalism in the field. At the same time, however, good legal services involve a complex approach to problems, from all potentially relevant angles. Let me give you an example – a contract may be flawless in obligational-civil terms, but a devastating failure for the client in terms of taxes, if it draws for him substantial tax liabilities (which he is aware or, worse, not aware of when contracting because of deficient consultancy) which could have been avoided or significantly reduced by optimizing the fiscal operation. However, such legal services can be provided in a professional manner only if the specialists work as a team. It is exactly what a full service law firm offers – specialists in all legal areas essential for business.

2. What is your connection to the IT and startup ecosystems?

I had the opportunity to get in contact with the IT industry along with our clients and partners in the field, in projects developed by them, and watch (and sometimes, to our joy, even be a part of) in real time the development and effervescence in this sector. From the legal (and not only) perspective, things get interesting as the local IT industry evolves from outsourcing to the development of its own products. In this context, the start-ups and the business concepts brought by them are increasingly challenging, also from a legal perspective, and lead to innovation in this area. It has become essential to the understanding of the the issues (which understanding is in its turn vital for a proper regulation of the legal relations) that the lawyers specialized in this field have actual thorough knowledge not only in the legal, but also in the IT area.

3. Why did you choose to support Techsylvania event starting from the 1st edition and this year as well?

I think the future of the IT industry in Cluj is in the development of its own products and start-ups and its artisans should be encouraged, supported. From this point of view, the events that stimulate entrepreneurship have a very important role.

It is also why we support Techsylvania, which, by presenting role models, but also challenges that may arise along the way, inspires and enhances the motivation of the entrepreneurs, especially of those who are at the beginning of a project that may prove great. Great, because the IT industry in Cluj has the potential to put on a really nice show.

Hurry up and get your tickets to this year’s event of Techsylvania

Time is running out and so are the tickets. This year’s Techsylvania will be a blast compared to last year’s event, thanks to both our partners and the numerous speakers that will be attending. So buy your tickets today and come learn from the best. You will never regret it.


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