Ticket Referral System: share us to a Friend and You both get 10% off

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July 1, 2015
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July 2, 2015
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Ticket Referral System: share us to a Friend and You both get 10% off

referral system

referral system


Dear possible Hackathon Participant and Conference Participant

We have a bunch of great news lately. New speakers, new gadgets to play with and other stuff. Among the news, you can find the referral system. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, it’s more than possible that this isn’t fresh news, but it still remains in the “good” category.

What is the Referral System?

We thought about this for a long time. Why wouldn’t we offer you, the possible participants, a great chance to avail a discount (yes, some sort of tickets giveaways will be organized, but it rarely happens to be the lucky winner)? Not only for you, but for your friends too. How many times has it happened to you where you want to want to go to an event with some of your friends, but they always bring out the money issue? Well, not anymore.

The Referral System is something like this: you enter on the main page and you choose your ticket: hackathon or conference. Of course, both are possible, why not. So, you register there and you will get a unique code. Well, by sharing that code with some of your friends, they will receive a 10% discount when purchasing a ticket. For instance, if you registered for the conference, they will get the discount when buying a conference ticket too.

But wait, there’s more

The awesome part about the Referral System is not only the fact that they will get a 10% discount, but you will too. Let’s say your friend, Leslie, registered to the conference with your unique code and she got the discount. Well, you will be notified that you have a 10% discount to redeem. And with every referral you offer, you will get another discount and another. In other words, if you send the code to 10 people and they buy tickets, we will refund the price of your ticket.

How will I get my money back?

We know this is the biggest issue of all time. Alright, these guys you sent the code to, they purchased the ticket with your  discount code, but what about you? It’s been said there that you should get 50% (for instance) with the referral system, but how will this happen? By mail? By travelling pigeons?

No, no, and no. Though the idea of pigeons (gadget pigeons) sounds really good, it’s still a no. The bonus is paid by our ticketing partners from Amiando two weeks after the event takes place.

Why should I do this, after all?

Alright, you have the money and you see no use in doing this. But, are you sure? I know, I know, it’s not about the money, it’s about the event. But wouldn’t be great, for instance, to have a 30% discount on the VIP Ticket, where you can network with speakers and enjoy a great lunch too? And wouldn’t be even more awesome to be there with your best friend or partner in crime? You never know when one of you might have an amazing idea that will change the world. Why miss the opportunity?

Have we convinced you?

Do you like our referral system ticket? Great! Then please don’t forget to register here for the Conference and here for the hackathon. Oh, and don’t forget to spread the word! Sharing is caring!

 May all of us geeks meet at Techsylvania; either you spread the awesomeness about the referral system or not. 

referral system

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