Why & How You Should Convince Your Boss To Buy a Ticket For Techsylvania

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July 26, 2015
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Why & How You Should Convince Your Boss To Buy a Ticket For Techsylvania

You're not alone. It happens to a lot of up-and-coming entrepreneurs. You find an awesome conference you want to attend but finances stand in your way. It's just not feasible with the cost of the conference in addition to travel, accommodations and food. Techsylvania is the hottest conference of 2015. According to the European Commission, its host city, Cluj-Napoca, is the European Youth Capital of 2015. But you don't have the means to attend. Don't worry, we're going to help you convince your boss that Techsylvania has the most creative minds and innovative speakers in the industry.

The Irresistible Letter

Yes, you're going to write a formal letter to your boss and ask. It's that simple. When you put your request in writing, it not only makes it more professional, but it locks in the advantages of attending the conference. Everything is right there in black and white. You see, in business, a lot of times bosses need to know what they can claim as a valid business expense. By putting it in writing, the justification is literally right there in front of them. As a result, all they're left with is saying yes (hopefully).

If your boss sees the value in having you attend, the chances of him saying yes increase greatly. Take a few minutes and research the speakers. Before researching, think about something your company has been wanting to try or implement, but doesn't have enough knowledge to do so yet. Identify a weakness that you personally have, preferably one your boss is aware of. Look for speakers that address these two issues.


Here Is What You Can Say About Techsylvania 2015

Dear [insert name],

The next Techsylvania conference is in Cluj-Napoca, June 6-9, 2015.  Attending would be such a lucrative opportunity for our company. Their speakers are some of the most creative technologists and innovators in the industry. They're going to share their insights, mistakes and even provide a peek of what the future may bring. This is exactly what our company needs to continue staying above the competition.

I know you value continuing education and expect your employees to stay up-to-date on the industry. There's no bigger opportunity than Techsylvania right now, both for the company and me. Here are some of the reasons I'd like to attend:

It'll Increase My Performance – Hearing the mistakes of already established experts will prevent me from making them. In addition, by understanding their insights, I'll have a clear path outlined so that my productivity and level of success increase.

Inspiration – Inspiration is the catalyst to increasing performance and productivity. The speakers that are scheduled have so much information on hacks, as well as pitfalls, that I'll leave the conference filled with ideas and inspiration specifically geared toward our organization. In addition, I'll be able to implement new ideas in a much smoother manner and faster time frame than before.

[Insert Your Company's unmet goal] – There's a speaker coming to the event that specializes in [insert specialty]. I have no doubt that his knowledge and expertise could provide the information we need in order to implement [insert company's unmet goal]. This is our chance to make it happen.

[Insert your weakness] – This speaker, [insert name], is the CEO of [insert company]. He's going to speak about [insert your weakness]. As you know, I've really struggled with this. If I could listen to him and come back and apply his techniques, my weakness could become a strength and it'd help the company.

I'll learn more – My position isn't just a temporary thing for me. My heart and soul are in [company name] and every single thing I learn at this conference will further my knowledge, fuel my passion and solidify my contribution within our organization. It's a win-win for both of us.

The entire company will learn too – You know I'm an excellent note taker. I'd take notes on absolutely everything, find opportunities to pump these speakers for as much information as possible and come back and share it with everyone.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and the time is now. Cluj-Napoca is the European Youth Capital of 2015. This conference will be crawling with innovative minds who are ready and eager to develop new networking relationships. It's a tremendous opportunity for both personal growth and company growth. Please consider sending me so that our company can enter into its next phase soon. Thank you for your time and consideration regarding this matter.


[insert name]

There you have it. The only thing left to do now is to print it out and deliver it to your boss. If your boss acts quickly, you can purchase tickets before they change the pricing to 'last minute' rates. Remember: Bosses always love a bargain. Hope to see you there.

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