Why you need press coverage for your startup & why should you meet someone from tech.eu

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July 25, 2015
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Why you need press coverage for your startup & why should you meet someone from tech.eu

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Startups don’t usually have a budget for hiring a PR agency for advertising, and all that kind of stuff that can be quite costly for them. That’s why the best thing that startups can do is to attract the media, and take as much advantage as they can of press coverage, which they can do in-house.

But what is PR and why is it important for a startup?

Most entrepreneurs probably think that PR is a waste of their time, because they don’t quite understand what it is or how it works.

The misconception here is that people think PR is only about media relations and getting your press release out there. Obviously, the relationship with the media is a very important part of the PR process, but it’s not the only factor.

Working on getting press coverage will not cost you money, but it will cost you time, because in PR you build relationships.

PR is not just about getting featured on one of the biggest media outlets out there. It’s much more than that. It is about building your startup’s reputation and controlling the messages that you sent.

PR is about building relationships with journalists, influencers, and bloggers.  It can provide your startup with a large amount of visibility that you couldn’t get otherwise.

If you get coverage, this will happen because it’s something that will benefit both your startup and the journalist. Whether it was the story you pitched, or the brilliant idea behind the startup, the journalist thought that it was worth sharing with their readers.

Why would I want press coverage?

If you don’t get involved and speak up, then others will do it for you. PR is something you can control, but you can’t control it if you don’t get involved. So when someone says something bad about you and it gets out there, you will most likely have nothing to do, because you weren’t present when it happened. You had no power over what was said about you.

Believe it or not reputation matters, regardless of whether you have the time to think about it. Therefore, it’s important to get the word out there, before someone else does it before you.

Through press coverage, people that didn’t know about you previously will read and discover your startup. It can even be your target audience that you weren’t able to reach until then.

How to PR

The Internet is already full of advice on how to get press coverage, but I’m going to give you two tips that I find to be the most effective.

  • Write press releases by disguising them as a story. Sending press releases to journalists and hoping for them to publish them… Yeah, this practice is looong dead. Instead, craft your pitch carefully. Journalists want to hear inspiring stories, because they are sick of receiving the same boring press releases over and over again.
  • Entrepreneurs, network your way in at conferences. But do it the smart way. You already know that networking is important, so take advantage of conferences and connect with people that have influence, and to whom you would be able to pitch your startup story.

Now, let’s talk about Tech.eu

What is Tech.eu?

Tech.eu is a website that covers European news from the startup and tech industry. I don’t know if there are many websites that focus on what happens in the European industry, but I believe there aren’t.

We salute their initiative, because it is definitely an area that needs to be covered, and a a lot of cool stuff is happening. Every year, the tech and the startup industry, especially in Eastern Europe, is expanding, and there’s not that many media outlets giving it too much attention.

You might discover from time to time a lost article on some well-known website about what’s happened in the European tech industry, but that’s about it. No one (except for Tech.eu) really takes the time to analyze what’s happening in more depth, especially in Eastern Europe.

Why it’s a good idea to meet someone from Tech.eu, and where you can do that

Assuming there are a lot of you that live in (Eastern) Europe, I believe that meeting a team member of a publication that specializes in covering the tech and startup industry of the part of the world you live in would be to your benefit.

On top of that, Tech.eu believes that “there are certain regions in Europe, primarily (but not only) emerging markets in central and Eastern Europe, that are currently being underreported on. Too many great stories are being left untold, and we think the broader, global tech community would benefit if that weren’t the case.”

Their team consists of writers and entrepreneurs that want to change and create a community where these emerging Eastern European markets will get the attention they deserve. And I believe you want this as well.

By meeting someone from Tech.eu, you will have the opportunity to pitch your story and get it out there. Their main focus is on innovation, and on reporting those stories that will have a big impact on the tech industry from this area.

So, where can you meet someone from their team? 

At Techsylvania, of course!

press coverage

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We are proud to announce that Charmaine Li, Senior Editor and Writer at Tech.eu, is coming all the way from Berlin, Germany to Cluj-Napoca, at Techsylvania’s second edition.

She mainly covers the European technology industry and startup ecosystem in depth, and has much editorial experience. Charmaine Li previously worked at VentureVillage, and was a contributor at BetaKit. For both of these publications she wrote about tech innovation.

Techsylvania is a great opportunity for you to network with Charmaine and gain insights on how you should approach journalists, especially those you cannot meet face to face. Journalists know what the best practices are, because they receive pitches and press releases every day.

Come to Techsylvania!

If you want to find out how to get press coverage directly from a senior editor of a European publication that covers the tech and startup industry, then Techsylvania is the place to be.

Get your tickets now, while they’re still available! See you there!

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